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Who I Am. What I Do

I write and edit cookbooks. My job description often includes invisibility, so I've kept a very low profile the past few years. I believe that when you run across my copy or recipes you should see only the ideas, the food, perhaps the brilliance of my client's product. Ideally you will find yourself inexplicably drawn to the kitchen or supermarket because you are suddenly very, very hungry. When I write, I want to get readers thinking about their own lives, about their own ideas. My recipes should make you feel like you have created something original and special. My projects for commercial clients should have readers thinking that their brand alone is suitable.

I just finished a nearly 600 page manuscript for a cookbook on sauce making for home cooks. A new title is in the works. The book will be released in the Autumn of 2015 by W.W. Norton. I can't wait!!  Now, I am reading and cooking and pondering my next move. I'm still taking on small freelance projects, so please contact me if you are interested in my recipe or writing services. Or maybe you just want to say hello! SusanVolland@gmail.com